2024 Seahawks Schedule


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Feb 7, 2023
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The Seahawks 2024 schedule is set to get announced Wednesday 5/15 at 5PM.

I'm sure that more reports will leak as it gets announced.

Home Opponents (9) LA Rams, SF Niners, AZ Cardinals, GB Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, NY Giants & Denver Broncos
Road Opponents (8): LA Rams, SF Niners, AZ Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, NY Gets, & Atlanta Falcons

PreSeason Week 1 Away
@ Los Angeles Chargers
PreSeason Week 2 Away
@ Tennessee Titans
PreSeason Week 3 Home
Vs. Cleveland Browns
Week 1 Home 9/8
Vs. Denver Broncos
Week 2 Away 9/15
@ New England Patriots
Week 3 Home
Vs. Miami Dolphins
Week 4 Awa
@ Detroit Lions Monday Night Football
Week 5 Home
Vs. New York Giants
Week 6 Home
Vs. San Francisco 49ers Thursday Night Football
Week 7 Away
@ Atlanta Falcons
Week 8 Home
Vs. Buffalo Bills
Week 9 Home
Vs. Los Angeles Rams
Week 10
BYE Week
Week 11 Away
@ San Francisco 49ers
Week 12 Home
Vs. Arizona Cardinals
Week 13 Away
@ New York Jets
Week 14 Away
@ Arizona Cardinals
Week 15 Home
Vs. Green Bay Packers Sunday Night Football
Week 16 Home
Vs. Minnesota Vikings
Week 17 Away
@ Chicago Bears Thursday Night Football
Week 18 Away
@ Los Angeles Rams
Bears, Patriots, Jets, and Falcons are all likely 10am starts. I'm betting the Lions game will be primetime, because the last 2 have been so good.
Rumor leaks so far has Seattle with only three 10AM Games this season with two east coast games in Primetime.
Officially official with the new schedule release.

Yeah, 4 road games in the last 6 kind of suck but it's @NYJ, @AZ & @CHI... not the worst gauntlet of opponents.
The floor ought to be 9-7, roster improvement and maturity of our young players. Anything less than last year's record is not acceptable.
I feel like we have to give an all new coaching staff with a first time head coach some grace. I get the excitement, I'm excited too. But if we're going into year 1 with lofty expectations we're likely to be disappointed. This process is likely to take a couple seasons. At least I think that's a healthy way to go into it as a fan base.

That said, as my good friend Kearly pointed out elsewhere, almost every new Seahawks coach has improved the team's record in their first season over the previous one, and if that holds true we should be looking at a solid 10-7. Of course that's not the way things really work but it's fun!
Statistically home field advantage is of greater influence earlier in the season. I'd rather have a lot of home games in the 1st half of the season and finish with road games. Those end of season games may not end up being important to the home crowds.
Seattle's home-field advantage is pretty sad these past few years.

Defense just can't sustain a lead or hold teams down. We'll see if Mac can make a difference.