Anyone on board?

WTF is wrong with you guys!? It's like talking to a room full of SCHs. Of course we're gonna win tomorrow!! Sheeesh!!!
Apparently I didn't submit my answer initially, but it was basically "they play like last week they'll get blown out, but that's not who I think they are." Great game to win. Trust in Geno.
3 plays that drove me nuts in our final drive in regulation.

1. WTF was Parkinson thinking when he shoved the DB? Instant Offensive PI. Doesn't every receiver know you shouldn't do it that blatantly?
2. Screen Pass? Incomplete, was going nowhere and almost intercepted. Seahawks are the worst team at running and defending the screen. Play should be removed from any future game plan.
3. Geno taking a sack at the 5 yard line. Geno played much better overall, but that play was...WTF WTF WTF.
Screen passes need to be eliminated from the Hawks to playbook.
They telegraph it by formation, and don’t have the quality of blocking personnel to pull it off.

The 18 yard sack was a head scratcher, you cannot do that. Luckily it didn’t cost them the game. Learn from the mistake and don’t do it again.