Bo nix visits with hawks

I'm good with Geno for the foreseeable future. When they do decide to move on I damn sure hope it's not for a shit ass early round rookie like Will Levis or Bryce Young.

The foreseeable future is one to two drafts away. What our coaches can remedy right now is getting the experience of developing a developmental. Along with getting that literal practice run, we would also avoid last years needless carousel.

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I'd have no problem with the Seahawks having a QB3. However, they don't really need 1 until the last 4 weeks of preseason. The roster isn't that important in May. Normally teams have 4 QBs in camp for preseason. If the #3 looks especially promising his team has to keep him on the active roster to prevent him from being poached. Otherwise he's cut and then re-signed to the PS. QBs aren't really developing on the PS so it's not a big deal if they're cut and the spot is used for depth at an injury-plagued position. The team would only need another QB if the, (pretty terrible), PS QB who got cut was signed by another team - but if it's late in the season the team will normally prefer an experienced vet.

Well, perhaps we can get Adrian Martínez of the Birmingham Stallions for camp. He is beating out 2023 third rounder Matt Corral, and unlike DiNucci could be hired as a ps rookie qb without the uncertainty of being a udfa from college.
We are the only team in the league with only two qbs while tons of teams are bringing in competition even with a qb3 on deck. We should too.
No, the other spots are too valuable to bring in a guy who is never intended to see meaningful snaps.

Using Brock Purdy as the example instead of the outlier is problematic.

I'm 10x more concerned about our LB starters than the depth chart.