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Feb 7, 2023
Been watching, and while I despise Aaron, I find it hard not to root for the perennially lame Jets. I also like Saleh. It helps that the Hawks do not play them in the regular season. But as I'm watching and the coaches are swearing at players and doing tough guy routine, I couldn't help but wonder how that would contrast with a Pete Carroll camp. I just can't see Pete or his staff doing the tough guy thing and screaming at players. I think in a Pete Carroll system, when a guy has a bad game or practice, they go to the coaches office and hug it out...right? Pete tells them an inspiring story about an injured rabbit or something, yeah?

I also heard that Saleh is from the Carroll coaching tree, is that true? I hope the Hawks do Hardknocks before Pete leaves.
Its been a better watch than some previous hard knocks. Nathaniel Hackett is almost as bad to listen to than a dangerwich post gamer. No wonder why they couldn't work with each other..
Saleh spent 3 years working for Pete as the Defensive Quality Control coach.

He had this to say about what he learned from Pete:

"The biggest influence I took from Coach Carroll is from a philosophy standpoint," he said in an Associated Press story. "Understanding who you are as a person, what's important to you as a person, and how to apply it to the message you're trying to deliver. Understanding that everybody has a style and that every style is the right style, provided you apply it the right way.
"Speaking to people, handling people is where I've had my greatest growth from Coach Carroll."