How does private qb training work?


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Feb 7, 2023
Last year, Mahomes, the ucla qb, and Trey Lance trained together in the period between otas and tc. This year, it’s Brock Purdy, Caleb, Anthony Richardson, Kyle Allen and Nathan Peterman.

My question is, how do they get receivers? Do they pay them?
It's likely all unpaid; you are invited and as the host you probably pay for catering and lodging for all those invited.

The benefit is that you could build a report with a QB and get a camp invite later on if a spot opens us. That's the incentive for WRs to basically catch balls; this is true for the Combine as well. There are many players who are players unlikely to get drafted who will run for the QBs or QBs who will throw to receivers.

Edelman was basically Brady's bagman for years when he started out. He didn't factor in until his 5th year when the Patriots won a SB in 2014.
The other thing to think about is that many QBs workout with their own team WRs... they just aren't obsessed about putting it on their social media.

Manning/Brady released news they worked out together all the time in the offseason and told their teammates to never share this information cause it was basically good build-up when they'd play against each other if fans/media thought they were antagonists rivals.