Seahawks likely to sign QB PJ Walker

I like PJ Walker. From memory he was the #4 QB for the Panthers during the 2022 preseason. He outplayed everyone there but was still likely to be cut behind 3 other QBs the team had more invested in. Injuries to others saved him there. He had 1 really good outing as a regular season fill-in, but his limitations soon surfaced. Realistically he's a bottom end #2 QB or more likely an emergency #3 QB for the PS. He's a tryout or camp arm for the Seahawks in 2024, but I still wish him well.

SCH is probably out getting the party decorations.
Thanks to SCH a QB3 has been added !
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Thanks to SCH a QB3 has been added !
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Well now that owner Zeb has deemed qb3 worthy of interest perhaps we can now have a discusssion. Just kidding Zeb.

We need a Qb3 for camp, certainly. There are 90 guys and only two to throw. Besides pj, I’d also add Stallions qb Adrian Martinez who usurped nfl third rounder Matt Corral for his usfl starting job to camp and pick one.
The difference between back-up players can be marginal. Walker is capable of having a hot streak of passing when Howell might not at his best. I don't think Walker could outperform Howell over 6 games, unless Howell's play falls off a cliff.
Yeah, dollars to donuts, Howell is the #2 going into the season. Walker will be fun in the preseason though, assuming he's till around come August.
Rosters sizes are almost double during OTAs and Camp. If they really cared they'll see it during roster cuts when it matters.

Of course we need a camp arm, but we also need insurance for the common occurrence of having a qb3 being activated to play qb2.