Your thoughts on the Rashee Rice situation?

Rashee had leased both the vehicles, and in both, he was supposed to be the only person driving either.
Yeah, seriously. Does Washington state still officially ban backyard? Because that’s at least 1.5 pounds here in Cali just from your minimum plants.

I'm not sure exactly what the laws are here in Oregon or Washington but I think you'd have to really go out of your way to get in any trouble over weed. Like they'll still bust big operations and get people for carrying packs. But I don't think anybody's getting hemmed up over a oskie woskie.
It does matter if this was just a baggie as opposed to say rolled into freshly smoked blunts that were discovered in the center console. This along with his partying at a bar just beforehand at least strongly suggests he absconded so he wouldn’t get busted for being under the influence.
Yep I have an old Ford Fusion, and at not quite as old Subaru Outback. I prefer the Outback because it sits higher and it’s easier to get in and out of. Whenever I drive the fusion I’m like “oh f*ck!”

Old knees and old back are not friends with low riding vehicles. :(